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Well this will be my first venture into writing a blog, I have no idea how this will turn out so please bare with me. I guess this blog is supposed to have a topic isn't it? Hmm well what could I write that would captivate your minds and your imagination. (insert thinking emoji here) I got nothin' and since I have nothing I'll just tell you how I ended up here. I've been making music since 2008 when I was a sophomore in high school. I know what your thinking everyone raps in high school, very true that is anyway I knew a few people around me who could actually rap well. I didn't know anything about how to rap, how to record, what to say, or anything at all, well that soon changed my best friend at the time put me on to some local rappers who had been doing it and doing it well for along time. He showed me Cisko, P.B.C.,twin brothers, Sonny Boy, Droopy Lector and so many other. All I could think was damn these guys are from around here and killing it, how do I do it to? I started so small and make shift. Me and the few I gathered with a similar vision would download beats from limewire (bet you aint heard that in forever) and simply play the beats on the tv holding my laptop right next to the speaker using the microphone that came on the laptop and the basic recorder on it and rap. We knew nothing about how to do it or make a song, we just knew it was a way to record ourselves doing what we wanted to do. After that I decided rap wasn't for me I wanted to the the one recording it and making everyone sound awesome, so I got a job and saved every penny I could. When i had enough money i bought all the wrong equipment.. well most of it was wrong but some of it i could actually use. So I set out to learn how to record and edit safe to say it didn't sound amazing but sure it was a step up from a tv speaker and laptop microphone. Soon we were making songs that had amazing quality, so we thought. I was asked to do a guest verse on a song with a friend and decline. I told him I can't rap its not me I'm just the engineer, after a lot of back and forth was persuaded to write the rap. We did the song and everyone but me thought I did great well one verse and retire was the plan. Its too bad things don't ever go as you plan it, I was asked to do another verse and another verse before I knew it I was bit by the bug and was constantly writing raps. Again it was time to step things up and do a show, starting with my mother as our manger we got a gig doing a kids fun day at the tachi reservation. Being on the little make shift stage filled my stomach with the most butterflies I've ever felt in my life, but having that mic in my hand I felt invisible and knew i was meant to be on stages. I will say hearing how our quality sounded at the time I felt we needed to make the music sound cleaner more professional so I saved again and this time i would spend wisely. I had heard of pro tools from a few other local artist i had met along the way, figuring i would give it a try i had no idea how much of a game changer it would be. My sound quality with pro tools and a new mic of course would sound amazing. After that I never looked back, many old friends were here when I first started this journey,some are still around and some i've lost touch with over the years but as i write this today I wanna thank everyone of them for the great memories we shared making music for nothing but the love of music. That isn't to say I've lost the love for music but I will say theirs nothing like being young and full of passion doing something with your friends. I wouldn't be here today doing what I do without them or the first local rappers I heard doing it, they inspired me then just like they do now. Its now 2020 so I've been doing this for a long time I've been asked when will I hang it up and stop, I've thought about it on many occasions but I always come back to it. I'm a grown man now with a daughter and responsibility but before all that I had music, so quit maybe one day but as long as I love it I'll keep doing it weather people want to hear it or not its become my therapy and what i turn to in my times of celebration or need. 4,194 that how many words you just read if you made it this far that is, first blog in the books. Not bad if I do say so myself but hey what do i know I'm just a rapper you guys let me know what you thought of my first blog we will talk soon


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